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New Global Leader, STX Engine


Global Top Engine Maker

STX Engine launched in December 1976 as an enterprise specializing in engine production. Since it was designated as a defense industrial company in 1977 for its accumulated technology and experience, it has grown as a specialized general engine maker with global competitiveness as well as a global leader in the field of electronic communication.

STX Engine solidified its position as a specialized general diesel engine maker not only supplying its products to Korean customers but also exporting them to markets in Europe, Asia, and South America by producing marine engines equipped on large container ships, LNG vessels, oil tankers, etc., as well as industrial engines including engines for onshore plants, gas engines, those for railroad vehicles, etc., based on the technologies for defense industry engines such as military tanks and self-propelled artillery, naval vessels, patrol ships for coastguard.

In addition, based on its accumulated technical expertise, STX Engine is contributing to the increase in fighting power by reinforcing its technical capability for underwater sound detection, radio wave detection, strategic communication systems, etc., in the electronic communication business, and is aggressively meeting the demand in the general shipbuilding industry by developing ship automation systems, navigation and communication systems, etc.

Based on such concentrated and advanced business, STX Engine exported 70~80% of its production and was awarded a '500 Million Dollar Export Tower' in 2006, '700 Million Dollar Export Tower' in 2007, and '800 Million Dollar Export Tower' in 2008, showing a rapid increase in business records each year.

By reinforcing its technical capability in its core business as above, and expanding its future business based on creativity and a challenging spirit, STX Engine will leap forward toward the goal of being a global top engine maker by fulfilling customer oriented management, speedy management, and technology management.