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Military Diesel Engine

We, STX Engine, started with our business to be designated as a defense company in 1977 and established a factory for defense purposes in 1988. Moreover, we have grown into a largest defense diesel engine manufacturer by licensing with MTU. Based on the aforementioned fact, we manufacture and provide diesel engines for main battle tank, self-propelled artillery and armored vehicle to ROK Army, for destroyer, frigate, patrol vessel and support vessel to ROK Navy, for patrol vessel to Korea Coast Guard as well.

    • K-2 tank
    • MT883
  • MT883

    Engine Model STX-MTU MT883Ka-501
    Rated output, Rev 1,103 kW @ 2,700 RPM
    Size, Weight (L x W x H) 1,860 x 1,220 x 1,125 mm
    2,064 kg (Dry)
    Vessel K-2 tank

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Mr. Seong Won Jeong +82-55-280-0550 +82-55-280-0289