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New Global Leader, STX Engine

Engine Parts & Service

  • We are offering qualified engine services for the engine users and owners all around the world.
    • And our business covers spare part supply, field services, technical supports, upgrade services of conversion and safety standards. We are aiming to provide continuous, high-quality services to meet customers’ specific needs.

We supply full range of spare parts, tools and consumables produced by STX as well as the other makers throughout the product lifecycle to meet customers needs. By securing the key parts and essential replacements sufficiently, we operate four main warehouses located in Korea, Netherland, Singapore and USA so that we can offer satisfactory technical support to our customers.

  • Spare Part Service 1
  • Spare Part Service 2
  • Spare Part Service 3
  • Spare Part Service 4

Equipment & Part Supply

STX-MAN 2 & 4 stroke engine Cummins Engine NIIGATA engine (L17AHX, HLX, 6NSDG(M), L16XC)
Offshore & Marine Aux. Equipment Plant Aux. Equipment(B.O.P. parts)

Contact Point

Responsible Person Department Tel Fax E-mail
Mr. Jung Woong Kwon Parts Sales Team +82-55-280-2041
Mr. Seung Wan Ham Parts Sales Part +82-55-280-2052
Mr. Woo Seok Choi Service Sales +82-55-280-6578 +82-55-280-0826