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New Global Leader, STX Engine

Engine Parts & Service

  • We are offering qualified engine services for the engine users and owners all around the world.
    • And our business covers spare part supply, field services, technical supports, upgrade services of conversion and safety standards. We are aiming to provide continuous, high-quality services to meet customers’ specific needs.

STX Engine develops solutions continuously in order to meet its customers' needs related to cost, safety, and the environment. STX Engine's solution will allow customers to maximize engine performance and productivity.

Cost Reduction

CF.O drain modification L.O quality control modification Alpha lubricator installation & retrofit
T/C cut-off (low load operation)
  • Cost Reduction 1
  • Cost Reduction 2
  • Cost Reduction 3


Charge air shut off device installation Splash oil monitoring system Bearing wear-down monitoring system
  • Safety 1
  • Safety 2

Repair and Maintenance

Machinery & Electric troubleshooting Crankshaft polishing & In-situ machining
  • Repair and Maintenance 1
  • Repair and Maintenance 2
  • Repair and Maintenance 3
  • Repair and Maintenance 4


MGO cooler & chiller application BWMS(Ballast Water Management System) retrofit solution NOx/SOx regulation (Tier II & Tier III) modification
  • Environment 1
  • Environment 2
  • Environment 3


PLC Modification L16/24 2008 version up L16/24 viscosity control system


Contact Point

Responsible Person Department Tel E-mail
Mr. CHANG WOO SEO Service Business Part +82-55-280-2023

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