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Stationary Power Generation Engine

STX Engine's power generation business has been expanding into the environmentally friendly power generation business which uses LNG, Bio-fuel, etc., based on its technologies and know-how accumulated over 30 years as well as customer-oriented optimized engineering capability.

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Introduction to Products

STX Engine produces medium speed engine driven power generation equipment that can satisfy customers 100% by ideally combining medium speed engines, which have been collectively produced at our Changwon factory since obtaining licenses from the mid 1970's from MAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS in Germany and NIIGATA POWER SYSTEM in Japan, with a power generation system designed with rich experience in the area of system engineering.
By installing diesel engine power generation equipment in locations across Korea and overseas, such as on islands, remote areas, resorts, etc., where no public power supply is available, as well as industrial complexes and hospitals which require good source of power, and factories receiving expensive public power supply, etc., our customers can confirm the investment effect within a short period of time after experiencing the power supply we make available to them, as well as low installation and operation costs and maximized availability of the equipment.

Engine Power Plant
It is easy for us to build a large engine power plant with a capacity of more than 50MW, a type of traditional engine power plant, by configuring several power generation engines in a power house.
Container Engine Power Plant (CPP)
A container engine power plant (CPP) is a container box type of engine power plant that allows easy in-land transportation. Since it can be designed in a prefabricated form, it can supply power in a short period of time. In addition, since it is easy to move and extend, many overseas customers prefer this CPP as a source of temporary power and rental power.
Barge Mounted Engine Power Plant (BMPP)
A barge mounted engine power plant (BMPP) is a form of power generation equipment into which an engine power plant and barge transporting freight inside a port or river mouth are combined. It has an advantage in that it can improve quality and reduce delivery compared to an overseas-built onshore power plant whose construction materials and high-class construction manpower are difficult to secure. Since a completely built and assembled power plant is transported by barge, it is possible to flexibly operate in island areas with difficult grid connections such as South East Asia.

Model and Capacity

HFO Engine

HFO Engine

DF/ Gas Engine

DF/ Gas Engine

Major Supply Record

Year Project Contractor Country Engine Type Quantity Unit Output
Total Output
2018 Australia 30MW Project PDV POWER Australia 12V32/40 7 5.8 40.6
2018 Iraq Air Base Project STX Heavy Industries Iraq 18V28/32S 4 4 16
2017 PNG MADANG Project TSP Papua New Guinea 8L27/38 2 2.5 5
2014 Bangladesh 2 X 54MW Project STX Heavy Industries Bangladesh 16V34HLX 14 7.8 109.2
2014 SoEnergy Rental Project STX Heavy Industries Panama 8L22HLX 8 1.4 11.2
2013 PIL Rental Project STX Heavy Industries Columbia 8L22HLX 5 1.4 7
2013 Iraq BNCP Project STX Heavy Industries Iraq 18V28/32S 5 4 20
2013 Iraq NRC Project STX Heavy Industries Iraq 16V34HLX 12 7.8 93.6
2012 Iraq MOE 900MW Project STX Heavy Industries Iraq 16V34HLX 28 7.8 218.4
18V28/32S 168 4 672

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