Corporate Social Responsibility
New Global Leader, STX Engine

Social Contributions

STX Engine is performing continuous activities in three major sectors for its sustainable management which is an essential matter for a corporation and its vision.
First, in the social aspect, STX Engine started ethical management which is the first step to the sustainable management, and with the management of sharing as a core value, it is practicing actual activities by setting up a 'One Company One Village sisterhood relationship and making donation to educational institutions. In addition, the company is practicing 'Win-Win Management' with small and medium sized companies by operating 'STX Members' program consisting of outstanding partners.
In the environmental aspect, the company is continuously performing activities considering the environment by declaring company-wide environmental management, trying to realize a no disaster and no pollution workplace by establishing an environment and safety and health system, and practicing a nature purification movement through 'One Company One Stream' and 'One Company One Mountain' activities. In the economical aspect, the company completely built a simultaneous commissioning system for marine diesel engines and its marine diesel engine (4 strokes) was selected as a World Best Product. The company is contributing to the employment creation of a local community by increasing corporate value and competitiveness and achieving continuous management results.

Supporting social welfare organizations and educational institutions in order to practice sharing with a local community

Social Welfare 1

STX Engine is practicing sharing with a local community in various ways by promoting a more systematic and realistic social welfare business.
STX Engine supported the establishment of a central branch of the 'Beautiful Store' in Changwon in 2007 to activate the sharing culture. In addition, it is leading neighborhoods through a virtuous circle by continuously repairing facilities for this 'Beautiful Store' organization and regularly providing recycled goods donated by its employees. The company also provides support for various educational equipment and facility extensions every year by establishing a sisterhood relationship with the Sapa high school to build a better educational infrastructure for local students. In addition, the company donates blood to social organizations through regular in-company blood donations, and performs many volunteer activities by organizing in-company volunteer groups to practice shared management externally.

Practicing neighbor support together with public organizations

Social Welfare 2

STX Engine is promoting joint business with public organizations for local residents and providing goods regularly to them.
In 2008, the company opened a 'Small Library' in Sogye-dong in Changwon with the Changwon City for knowledge cultivation of local residents and, through this, it helps citizens improve their cultural life.
In addition, the company donates daily necessities including blankets, rice, etc., to the aged living alone every year by establishing 'One Company One Dong' relationships with Changwon Wungnam-dong office and shares enjoyment with neighboring residents by inviting them to 'Hyo (filial piety) Concert'. In addition, it also actively helps agricultural villages by visiting the village regularly as part of 'One Company One Village Movement' movement.
Other than the above, STX Engine has promoted various welfare projects for local residents and it plans to provide additional welfare support henceforth.