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Environmental Management

STX Engine always cares for health and the environment.

STX Engine always cares for health and the environment

In order to preserve the global environment and create a pleasant living environment, we, the people of STX Engine, place the highest priority on environmental preservation through entire management activities with a spirit that a sound environment is our life, and we will move forward toward its concrete realization as follows:

The STX Engine family will participate in the environmental preservation movement with positive and aggressive actions in order to make environment preservation an important part of our daily lives from workplace to family life.

We will promote the development of environment related technologies at all stages of product development, procurement, production, sales, etc., and create a system to aggressively introduce the movement of using environmentally friendly products, developing and improve environmentally friendly processes, and recycling products, by which we can contribute to environment preservation.

We will observe domestic environmental standards as well as company standards, make efforts to save energy and reduce environmental pollution, restrain and reduce the occurrence of water and air pollutants at source, and perform continuous improvement of recycling.

We will continuously develop advanced environmental management systems and establish it early as a preventive environment management system.

  • Responding to climate changes
    Responding to climate changes
    • - Reducing greenhouse gases in the workplace
    • - Controlling cooling and heating temperatures
    • - Replacing electric equipment with those of high efficiency
  • Establishing resource circulation
    Establishing resource circulation
    • - Increasing the rate of recycling (to be entrusted to wastes treatment companies)
    • - Reducing generation of wastes
  • Reinforcing the bond with the local community
    Reinforcing the bond with the local community
    • - Fulfilling the role of corporate supporters at the Ramsar Convention
    • - Preserving regional ecology system
  • Reducing pollutants
    Reducing pollutants
    • - Discharge or emissions to be less than 50% compared to legal standard
    • - Introducing/installing high efficiency pollution control facilities
    • - Replacing hazardous materials with environmentally friendly materials and reinforcing management of materials
  • Building an environmental management system
    Building an environmental management system
    • - Establishing the ISO14001:2015 system
    • - Establishing green partnerships with partners
    • - Reinforcing communication with inside and outside persons concerns