Corporate Social Responsibility
New Global Leader, STX Engine

Ethical Management

A well-respected corporation is not defined by the size of sales outputs and profits. The value of a corporation can be assessed based on the trust it receives from all persons concerned including customers, officers and staff, shareholders and investors, cooperative companies, outside partners, etc. Such trust cannot be acquired by chance. A corporation itself can build a reliable relation for the first time only when the corporation itself establishes high ethical standards and practices it continuously.

STX Engine will not concede or give up ethical management for profit. Even though the company makes a decision that brings great profits, if it violates ethical management, it will not make such choice or behavior. This is because the company firmly believes that ethical management and corporate profit will never contradict each other. An unethical behavior may provide profit to the company for a short period of time. However, its fame built up so far can be torn down in a moment. Therefore, to the officers and staff who have failed to achieve the management goal, a chance to challenge may be given again. However, those who failed to practice ethical management will never be pardoned.

It is the duty and responsibility of STX Engine's officers and staff to make efforts to practice ethical management. Under no circumstances will there be any exceptions to anyone. In particular, the top management and leaders of organizations must not only become an example of practicing ethical management by themselves, but also lead employees so that they can practice ethical management in order to have ethical management rooted in the organization.

Most enterprises that appeared to be doing splendidly but then disappeared into history were those that failed to ensure ethical management. That is, those enterprises that fail in the area of ethical management will be doomed to bankruptcy. STX Engine asks all officers and staff to make voluntary and aggressive practices so that it can contribute to human development as a well-respected global company.