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Word mark

The word mark is the typical shape of the identifier that clearly exhibits the formative characteristics and foundation of the symbolism of STX Engine.
Accordingly, when applying the word mark, it must be made observing size, color, position, etc. As a rule, computer data shall be used to make the word mark

Exclusively Used Color

Company shall use the exclusively used color of the CI by dividing it into the main color and sub-color.
The main color is used as the hue of the word mark, and the sub-color that supplements the main color is used according to the situation of each applied item.

Main Color

    • STX RED
    • PANTONE 185C
    • PROCESS M 100 Y 100
    • LG sheet LA9133
    • STX BLUE
    • PANTONE 293C
    • PROCESS C 100 M 70
    • LG sheet LA9665

Sub Color

    • PANTONE C/G 11C
    • PROCESS B80%
    • LG sheet LA9012
    • PANTONE C/G 2C
    • PROCESS B15%
    • SILVER
    • PANTONE 877C
    • GOLD
    • PANTONE 876C
    • ORANGE
    • PANTONE 130C 2X

Rules for color

When applying the word mark to the CI of each Company, careful attention shall be paid to the match of the colors.
When using the word mark as a positive image, the basic colors are red and blue and it can be expressed in black, dark gray, gold, silver, gold/silver foil and embossing as necessary. When using the word mark as negative image, it can be expressed in red and blue or white considering the value and chroma of the background color.

  • Rules for color 1
  • Rules for color 2
  • Rules for color 3