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Concluded an MOU for BWMS Business with Alfa Laval2017-04-27


On April 21st, STX Engine, a general engine maker equipped with global competitiveness and specializing in engineering service, concluded an MOU with Alfa Laval, a multinational enterprise with its main office in Sweden, for the sale and modification of a ballast water management system (BWMS) and its products and components.

The BWMS must be installed in all vessels sailing on international waters according to the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention that came into force on September 8th, 2017. As one of four companies approved by the Unite States Coast Guard (USCG), Alfa Laval supplies UV type products with market share of 58% in this market, which is predicted to increase up to KRW 80 trillion.

Based on this agreement, STX Engine will be able to supply the BWMSs supplied from Alfa Laval, to which technologies of both companies are applied on a turnkey basis including sales and supply of the products, engineering, and installation and maintenance services. In particular, the company plans to provide various types of service programs that can reduce the costs to be borne by shipping companies through package promotion which supplies engine components and services simultaneously to major customers.

Last December, STX Engine, which launched the corresponding business again by acquiring the Parts Service Business of STX Marine Service last year, has established a base for the realization of customer satisfaction and sustainable management by regularizing the supply of engine parts and related services, as well as onshore and offshore equipment businesses including BWMS business, ship repair business, etc., based on know-how accumulated through engine manufacturing.

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