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Concluded an MOU with Korean Register for the Mutual Study and Technical Cooperation on a Medium Spe2017-07-07

On July 5th, STX Engine, a general engine maker as well as a specialized engineering service provider located in Changwon National Industrial Complex, announced that it had concluded an agreement with Korean Register (KR) for the mutual study on and technology development of a medium speed engine.

According to the requirements for the execution of international environmental regulations being reinforced recently, the improvement of economic efficiency through the development of emitted (discharged) pollutant reduction technology, alternative energy and engines with high efficiency is continuously required by the market. Therefore, both companies have performed a joint study on the operation test and evaluation of a medium speed engine using renewable energy.

Based on this agreement, through the study and technology development of a medium speed engine, core equipment for the propelling and development of ships, both companies plan to jointly perform various studies, needed to realize smart, environmentally friendly ships, on the improvement of marine and atmospheric environment, use of various alternative fuels, failure diagnosis prediction and control technologies, etc., based on big data.

STX Engine was launched as a company specializing in the production of diesel engines in 1976 and is equipped with global competitiveness based on accumulated technologies and experience, and Korean Register, equipped with large specialized facilities for the study, testing, and verification of marine engines and related equipment and components, is leading the reinforcement and international standardization of smart environmentally friendly technologies. Both companies promised to contribute to the reinforcement of competitiveness of shipbuilding and marine industries and to concentrate their efforts on the development of national and local industry by increasing the effect of technology development utilizing specialized technical manpower and facilities as well as accumulated know-how and experience mutually, and by developing the industry's core technologies.

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