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Cummins · STX Engine distribution agreement signing ceremony2018-10-25

October 25: 
Long-standing partners Cummins and STX Engine have signed a new distribution agreement(DA). The signing ceremony was held in STX Engine’s headquarter in Changwon, attended by stakeholders, including Peter Jensen-Muir, Executive Managing Director - Cummins Asia Pacific, and Jongwoog Kim, STX Engine
 Executive Vice President, Marketing Division. Cummins and STX Engine, which have maintained a partnership since 1982, are committed to supplying high-quality engines that are customized to domestic customers.


A new leap

The signing ceremony of the Cummins -STX Engine distribution agreement was held at STX Engine’s Changwon headquarters. From Cummins, Peter Jensen-Muir, Alex Mier, Director - Engine Sales NE/SE Asia, and Ben Lee, Sales Leader, attended to the ceremony. From STX, Jongwoog Kim, Yongon Kim and Soo youn Park attended the event. 

Before signing the distribution agreement, Peter Jensen-Muir, said, "STX Engine has been co-operating with Cummins for 36 years in expanding market share in the domestic Marine, Rail and Defense equipment markets. Like Cummins, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year, Cummins and STX Engine also hope to continue our partnership long into the future.

"The role of STX Engine in providing high-quality products, technology and reliable engineering support to customers in the diesel engine, commercial marine, rail and defence sectors is very important," he said.

STX Engine executive Jongwoog Kim said, "It is a positive sign that STX Engine has overcome difficult circumstances and has entered into a distribution agreement with Cummins at the moment that it has UAMCO as a new owner. We believe that this signing ceremony will be a stepping stone for both companies."


Commitment to continuous partnership for customer satisfaction

Starting in 1976 as a specialized manufacturer of diesel engines, STX Engine is a globally competitive company with over 40 years of accumulated technology and experience.

The relationship between STX Engine and Cummins began in 1982.

STX Engine signed an engine production agreement with Cummins for 20 years from 1982 to 2002 and produced and supplied G-drive, marine engines, railway engines, and industrial engines to the domestic market.

The NT855M marine engine became very popular for a long time, and made the name of Cummins and STX Engine widely known.

There were also 5,000 KT19M engines produced by February 1992.

STX Engine has maintained a very successful partnership with Cummins since 1997, continuing its distribution partnership. 

Peter Jensen-Muir and Jongwoog Kim, who signed the distribution agreement, said: "Let's continue our cooperation to provide more benefits to our domestic customers by maintaining our strong partnership.”

STX has 6 dealer network in nationwide and cooperates with Cummins Sales Service Korea to support Marine, Rail and Defence customers and channel partners.

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