Privacy Policy

STX Engine Co., Ltd., considers personal information of the users very important and
observes the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and
Information Protection and the Personal Information Protection Act.

The company announces what types of uses and methods are used for personal information provided by users through the privacy processing policy and the measures taken for the protection of personal information. When revising the privacy processing policy, the company publicizes it through notice (or individually known) of the website.

  1. 1. Collected personal information item
    • The company collects the following personal information for consultation, information reception, etc.
      1. 1) Collected item
        • - Name, mobile phone number, e-mail
      2. 2) Collection method
        • - Website (product manager, Cyber Report Center)
  2. 2. Purpose of use of personal information
    • The company uses collected personal information for the following purposes.
      1. 1) Others
        • - To answer questions about a product or a purchase order and to answer questions about recruitment
        • - To identify informants who reported to the Cyber Report Center
  3. 3. Provide personal information to a third party
    • STX Engine does not provide personal information of the user to a third party in principle, except in the following cases.
      • - In the case where the user agrees in advance
      • - In the case where is a request from a national organization based on the laws etc.
  4. 4. Period of holding and use of personal information
    • The company does not provide a membership registration service. Provided, however, that the customer information received through consultation with the customer will be retained and used as personal information after receiving prior consent from the customer. When requesting deletion of customer information or withdrawing consent on collection and use of personal information, we will discard such personal information without delay.
  5. 5. Right of user and legal representative and its exercise method
    • A user and legal representative may at any time request us to read, correct, and delete his/her own personal information registered or that of a child under 14 years of age, and to stop processing thereof. Please contact the person in charge of privacy protection in writing, telephone, or e-mail. Then we will take action without delay. For the request, please contact the Chief Privacy Officer. In STX Engine, personal information canceled or deleted at the request of a user or a legal representative is processed as described in the "holding and usage period of personal information collected by the STX Engine", and for other uses we are processing so that you cannot view or use it.
  6. 6. Matters concerning installation, operation, and refusal of automatic collecting device for personal information
    • We do not operate equipment that collects personal information automatically generated when using Internet services such as cookies.
  7. 7. Contact information of Chief Privacy Officer and Privacy Officer
    • In order to protect customer's personal information and to handle complaints and dissatisfaction related to personal information, the company designates the Chief Privacy Officer and the department in charge as follows:
      Chief Privacy Officer (CFO)
      • • Name : Sung Jung-soo
      • • Department : Administration Dept.
      • • Position : Assistant Manager
      • • Tel : +82-55-280-0260
      • • e-mail :
      • • Fax : +82-55-285-2030
      Privacy Department
      • • Department : Administration Dept. (Emergency Planning Team)
      • • Tel : +82-55-280-0260
      • • Address : 36, Gongdan-ro 474beon-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Rep. of KOREA
    • You can report to the Chief Privacy Office or responsible department all complaints related to personal information that occurred while you were using our services. The company will answer quickly and sufficiently to the user's declaration matter. If you need declaration or consultation about infringement of other personal information, please contact the following organizations.
      1. 1. Privacy Infringement Report Center
        • - 118 without telephone exchange number (in Korea) 
        • -
      2. 2. Cybercrime Investigation Division in Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
        • - +82-2-3480-3571
        • -
      3. 3) Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau for cybercrime report and counseling
        • - Police Complaints Call Center: 182 (in Korea)
        • -
  8. 8. Technical / administrative protection measures of personal information
    • In processing a user's personal information, the company takes the following technological / administrative measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, tampered, or damaged.
      (Password encryption)
      We do not provide encryption services of different passwords unless we offer membership registration service.
      (Preparatory measure for hacking etc.)
      The company is doing its best to prevent members' personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking, computer viruses, etc. Materials are backed up at all times in preparation for the damage of personal information, and personal information and materials of users are prevented from being leaked or damaged by using the latest anti-virus program, using an intrusion prevention system. We control unauthorized access from the outside, and are making efforts to get equipped with all possible technical equipment in order to ensure system safety.
      (Minimization and education of employees in personal information management)
      Company’s processing of personal information is performed by only the personnel in charge. We regularly assign a separate password for this personal information processing and update it regularly. We trained the responsible persons regularly and occasionally. In particular, we emphasize the protection of candidate's personal information.
      (Operation of an organization exclusively for personal information protection)
      We check whether the responsible personnel comply with company’s privacy processing policy, as well as the results of the activities related to the policy through the company's exclusive organization for personal information protection, and when we find a problem, we make every effort to take corrective measures against the problem immediately. However, the company is not responsible for any problems caused by leakage of personal information such as passwords, resident registration numbers, etc., due to inattention of the user himself or on the Internet.
  9. 9. Duty of notification
    • This privacy policy is applied from January 2, 2013. In the event of addition, deletion, or amendment of its contents in accordance with the amendment of the laws and regulations, policies and security technologies, we will notify you of them 7 days before their enforcement date through an announcement on our website.
    • Version number of privacy policy: STX Engine_130102_1.0
    • Enforcement date of privacy policy: January 2, 2013