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환경경영방침   환경경영방침

1. STX Engine not only complies with the overall laws and rules of Environmental Safety and Health, but also establishes and manages independent standards within the framework of our operations.

2. STX Engine recognizes Environmental Safety and Health as basic components of management, and pursues the establishment of active and voluntary Environmental Safety and Health activities.

3. All employees of STX Engine shall make their best effort to create a safe working and environmentally friendly environment, in order to minimize safety accidents from production activities.

4. STX Engine works with the local community in order to protect the environment through sustainable management.

5. STX Engine continuously implements education and training on Environmental Safety and Health for all employees, and provides necessary information and technology related to Environmental Safety to all suppliers.

6. All employees of STX Engine shall comply with the Company’s rules and provisions on Environmental Safety and Health, and actively take part in activities related to the environment, safety, and health.

STX Engine shall provide active management support to guarantee success of Environmental Safety and Health and smooth implementation of related activities.