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STX Engine has been continuously engaged in three main activities aimed at sustainable management, the prerequisite and vision of the company.
On the social front, STX Engine has adopted an ethical management policy, as a first step towards enabling sustainable management. STX Engine is conducting various activities such as “building sisterhood between 1 company and 1 rural village,” and the provision of scholarships to educational institutions, with shared management as a core value.

STX Engine is also a main sponsor for Gyeongnam FC, a professional football team based in Gyeongsangnam-do, contributing to the sports development of that local area. Furthermore, STX Engine has a membership system called ‘STX Members’, consisting of excellent vendors in a bid to put a ‘win-win management’ into action. On the environmental front, STX Engine has announced an environmentally-friendly management policy, and is carrying out activities to protect the environment. It has also established the ‘safe and hygienic environment system’ to create a workplace free from injuries and pollution.

STX Engine is also engaged in cleaning up the natural environment, based on a sisterhood program between the company and 1 stream and 1 mountain, and is carrying out other campaigns to protect nature. On the economic front, STX Engine has completed the establishment of a simultaneous pilot system for diesel engines used in vessels. The products of STX Engine were chosen as the world’s top products, further enhancing the value and competitiveness of the company. The company’s sustained business performance is contributing to job creation in the local community.

 Well-structured welfare support activities through welfare foundation and
     scholarship foundation.

In order to carry out better-structured and more practical social welfare activities, STX Engine has established several welfare and scholarship foundations in October, 2006 which are now fully-fledged foundations. The company provided 2 billion USD for the initial establishment of these foundations, and is planning to expand the fund size to about 10 billion USD through contributions from each affiliate every year.
The scholarship foundation will be focused on granting scholarships, supporting students studying in foreign countries, and supporting projects joined by the academia and industry, and the scope of this foundation will be expanded on a gradual basis. The welfare foundation is focused in helping the underprivileged, who are still living in the shadows of society despite various social campaigns, and will launch activities to support teenagers who are supporting a household, welfare facilities, and food for poor senior citizens. As well, considering the characteristics of the region with an

industrial complex, the company is dedicated to devising comprehensive support measures to aid victims of industrial accidents and their families by building a social safety net. In addition, STX Engine is also working to exist harmoniously with the local community, and is engaged in showing love to the locals, through restoring damages from disasters, and improving the living conditions of those who are less affluent, through major campaigns such as a blood donation campaign and fund-raising activities for disaster victims.

 Supporting a Disaster-struck Community

STX Engine is exerting its best efforts to live up to its corporate social responsibilities, by helping those affected by natural disasters and supporting their recovery activities. The company is granting relief funds for flood victims to help those who were made homeless due to typhoons and torrential rainfalls.

In the summer of 2006, the company granted a large amount of relief funding when torrential rainfall struck almost every region across Korea, and provided voluntary recovery service to nearby Gyeongsang regions such as Jinju, Munsan, and Daegok. In 2005, STX Engine provided the Korean Red Cross with funds collected by its employees, and contributed to supporting countries in the Southwest Asian regions which were hit hard by the Tsunami.