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To ensure that our marine diesel engines, military engines, gas engines and gas turbines, power plant facilities, solar and wind power plant facilities, environmental facilities, engine control systems, electronic communication equipment and batteries are the best in the world, STX Engine is investing in endless R&D, active scouting of highly skilled overseas manpower, technical cooperation with advanced companies in Germany, Switzerland, France, the U.S.A, Japan and others, as well as operating our own research center.

Our Engine Technology Research Center was established to develop of our own technology for engines, power plants and environmental facilities, and it is now concentrating on technology research areas such as analysis technology of engine combustion and heat transfer, oscillating noise and structural analysis technology, new recycled energy and discharged wastes post-processing technology, military/private engine parts technology, and engine control technology, and exerting itself for developing technologies for engine combustion performance/discharged wastes analysis and measuring assessment, intake-discharge/coolant flow analysis and test assessment, calculation and test assessment of vibration-noise, analysis and test assessment of engine structure/elastic support, and localization of engine parts. In addition, to cope with world’s environmental problems, we are focusing on the development of a solar energy power plant system, a windmill power plant system, a desulfurization/ denitrogenization/ dust collecting system using post-processing technology, and an engine control and synthetic monitoring system.

Our Electronic Communication Research Center is an expert systems integration company, which has developed an underwater acoustic detection system, electronic wave detection system, tactic communication system, and a war system based on domestic technologies.? We are currently concentrating on the development of Korean-made advanced weapons, contributing to the 21st century’s national defense industry through continuous investment and technology development, and expand our business scope to include cruising communications equipment and automated equipment based on technology from the military industry.